Friday, May 1, 2009

Solaris 10 basic commands

useful OS information gathering commands

1. cat /etc/release
2. showrev
3. uname -a

Determine configured memory (includes physical memory)

1. prtconf

Determine installed processor (includes physical/virtual)

1. psrinfo
2. psrinfo -v (list virtual processors and info)
3. psrinfo -pv (list physical and accosiated virtual processors)

Determine processor platform arch and bits

1. isainfo
2. isainfo -bv (more info about processor flags)
3. isalist (list feature of processors)

Determine and change system timestamp

1. date (to reveal current timestamp)
2. date '+DateTime: %m.%d.%y @ %H.%M.%S'
3. date mmddHHMMccYY
i.e : date 050817252009 ( change system time to May 8 17:25:00 EDT 2009)

Determine current running process on system

1. ps, ps -ef
2. pgrep (search process list for matching program i.e pgrep sshd)
3. pkill (searching matching program and kill them unless a different signal is sent : i.e 'HUP')
4. pwdx (list the working directory of specified process)

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