Saturday, January 31, 2009

What is bbPress

What is bbPress?


bbPress is an internet forum package written in the PHP programming language and available under the GNU General Public License. bbPress is both open source and free software.

The project was created by Matt Mullenweg to support users of WordPress. Existing bulletin-board software was overly sophisticated for those requirements, so bbPress was created with the same focus as WordPress: a functional and extensible core, with all other capabilities delivered through plugins.

Release History:
The first official release occurred on Oct 14th, 2006 and it was labeled as version 0.72 "bix", a revision number which was chosen (rather after than arrived at). Supported features included built in support for Akismet, integration with the WordPress user database, and RSS feed support. Early reviews described the release as "minimalist"
The announcement of bbPress 0.73 brought with it improved rewrite rules, a new template, support for languages other than English, and an easy-to-use installer similar to WordPress.
The latest official release 0.80 "Desmond"added more features, such as better timezone configuration and forum deletion.

The development of bbPress is formally managed through an issue tracking system. Informal discussion and support is available on the bbPress development forum


Fast and light
Simple interface
Customizable templates
Highly extensible
Spam protection
RSS Feeds
Easy integration with your blog

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